Thursday, November 10, 2011

Favorite Time of the Year

      It is a little blustery outside.  This is my favorite time of the year. We got up early this morning to check the crawfish traps that we set last night and it was 7 degrees.  Number one (husband) met some hunter gatherer types who told him about trapping crawfish. Being from the south he was quite familiar with the little creatures. He set out to make the traps. The traps were finished last night. Number one and I bundled up and headed to the water. The ice is beginning to form on the water and soon we will be ice fishing. We have not set traps before nor have we been ice fishing. We are usually traveling this time of the year to hunt, visit friends and family for the holidays. This will be a first for us and we are looking forward to the bounty of the water.
     This is our fourth winter here in the west and the first winter we will be home. We have already had  five small winter storms this season. I'm thinking we will have a snowy winter. We may be able to enjoy the used snowmobiles that we bought five years ago. Number one purchased some land  and we decided since I had not seen it that we would come out for our twentieth anniversary. There was so much snow that we rented snow shoes and hiked in with our two little dachshunds, Hiho and Abby. We each toted a dog in our coat. It must have been a sight. We thought our winter boots were winter enough, but they didn't come close to keeping our feet from freezing, turning red and purple. We also learned the hard way about snow burns. That's when the sun glares off the snow and burns the underneath of your nose, chin and ears.
     We  headed to the outlet mall for real winter boots the next morning and  afterwards to the care takers home and he kindly loaned us his snow mobile. We rode the snowmobile with a sexy leopard print seat to the land that we thought we would build our next home on. We had a two year plan, but God had a plan for less than a year. God also provided us with more acreage and a home already built. Praise God, His plans are always better for us. We have been here ever since.

Crawfish Trap

Crawfish Pond

HiHo & Abby

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