Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inflation And Random Thoughts

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 I heard on the news this morning that the items purchased for Christmas gifts last year will cost 20% more if you purchased the same items this year. I don't know exactly what gifts they were discussing, maybe it's across the board. As consumers, we know that utilities, fuel, food and clothing have increased dramatically over the last two years or longer.

Somehow, those types of purchases are not included in the inflation rates. I don't see why they aren't. We have to have these things to live. It's just another way to try and keep us in the dark when it comes to the truth about our economy. Who are they fooling? Do they not think that we don't notice that you can't buy meat for under $2 a pound? How about the fact that eggs cost almost $2 a dozen. I don't know why they can't be honest about inflation rates.

I worry about those who are on limited incomes and have no way to make more, like the elderly. I also worry about our military families. How are they coping? There are a lot of people who are in desperate situations that need help. Here is an article from the Huffington Post dated Nov. 3, 2011 about food stamps and food programs:

USDA data released this week shows that the number of Americans receiving food aid from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) hit another all-time high in August. 45.8 million people -- almost 15% of the country -- were enrolled in the program, which replaced Food Stamps in 2008. This is only a slight increase from July, when 45.3 million Americans were receiving SNAP help -- but a massive 31% jump since June 2009, when the National Bureau of Economic Research declared the most recent recession over.
In total, the USDA spent $6.1 billion on SNAP benefits in August 2011, up 8% from the year before.
Texas was the state with the most SNAP recipients, at 4.12 million, according to Bloomberg.
Part of the massive bump in SNAP usage is almost certainly attributable to increasingly levels of awareness of the program and better administration of benefits.
But the most recent numbers also highlight the persistence of America's economic doldrums, and their impact on food security in the country. The issue has been increasingly the subject of subject attention in recent months, with groups from Sesame Street to the US Congress using their influence to boost awareness. And the Huffington Post's own Paul Needham put a human face on the issue with his tireless coverage of food banks throughout the country.
To get an idea of the magnitude of American's skyrocketing SNAP usage, here's a chart illustrating the USDA's data going back to 2007:

This is a terrible tragedy. So many people. They cannot deny the truth anymore. Give it to us straight, so we can make adjustments as it happens, not as they see fit. Let us control our own lives. Make our own decisions. Stop weakening us to the point where we have no choice but to get onto the dole.

Please help out those in need and if your in need, pull yourself up and out of this as soon as you can. Don't let it break your spirit. This is not a new way of life. It's nothing but a small moment in time in the grand scheme of things. I believe that it is going to get worse before it will get better. Get strong, America

Is this what our government wants us to be? Weak, broken and in the dark? It's our government that is broken. This is the United States of America! Make your vote count! Don't sit back anymore and think that they will do what's best for us. Vote! Clean house! If they all must go, then sobeit! Don't overlook your local governments either. They don't want to get their financial house in order either, they just want to raise your taxes. We spend less and so should they!

Look at the Super comittee. They don't want to spend less.This was just a farse to make it seem like they care. Shame on them! They want to raise taxes. Those who threaten the elderly into believing they won't get a social security check if they don't raise debt limits, shame on you too! If they would have kept their filthy hands out of the pot, this wouldn't have been an issue.

Father in Heaven, have mercy on us. I pray that You will move those in power to do the right thing. I pray for our country and for all of us in it. Help us Father to get out of this mess. I pray for the world. It seems that we are all in the same boat. In Christ Jesus Name....Amen and Amen

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