Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thawed out!

While we were away our septic and cistern thawed. Seems strange that they would freeze during the warmest winter we have had here, but it has to do with how much fall rain saturates the ground before the freezing starts. I'm not sure how long they were frozen,(long enough) but I'm sure glad they have thawed.

 We did not do without either of them, we just had to use them differently than turn on the faucet method. Kind of a pain after a while, but at first it's an adventure. I have become a real "mountain momma" not just a pretend one either. I will do what it takes to make things work for the greater good of my family. If it takes extra steps or a mile it is worth it to live out our dreams.

Before we left, we had to move the freezer from the barn into the house. You see, we don't have to plug in our freezer in the winter. There is no need. Nature takes care of it.  Some people only have refrigeration in the winter. We have a normal refrigerator. Some people only plug theirs in during the daytime to conserve power. Our solar system is adequate for our needs and then some.

We are a tough breed out here in the West. You have to have or learn a certain mindset to be able to function in this rugged environment or you will most assuredly leave here with your tail between your legs in defeat. Number One has had to learn skills that he would not ever use in town. We have learned a lot, lived a lot and enjoyed ourselves (most of the time) immensely the last few years. We are a work in progress. We still have a lot of learning to do. We still have a lot of goals to reach. We look forward to what Spring will bring as far as growth on the ranch.

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