Monday, May 7, 2012

When I Awoke...

When I awoke this morning, imagine my surprise to find these two little birds playing in the snow. Yes, the snow! The temperature was hovering right at freezing, not that this fact matters at all at 9000 ft. I looked at the calendar and yes, it was definitely the 7th of May. I have been suffering for the past week as the inside temperature hit 77* at bedtime. Way too warm for me considering it only gets to that temp for a few days in August, maybe.  I like to sleep at the comfortable temperature of 57*. If the temperature gets above 70* in the house I'm sweating.

The first annual "Yard Bird" meeting occurred on Saturday. (two girlfriends and myself) We ordered our (100) baby chicks from a local feed store that did not mark up the cost of the birds with the hopes that we would purchase our feed from them. I have purchased dog food from the in the past. They had good prices, but questionable service at best. We will see about buying feed from them. I like to support local businesses, but not if they do not have good service. I will give them another try. Third time is a charm?

I purchased an assortment of 25 brown egg layers with roosters. I will get 25 meat chickens after we get the first 25 regulating their own body heat. (about six weeks). I will butcher all but one rooster from the first batch. I should end up with 20 brown egg layers. I have picked out what I believe to be the best design for our chicken house for Number One to build. He will have about five weeks to get it done before they come home to "roost" so to speak...

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