Monday, July 23, 2012

Company's Coming !!!!!

We are so blessed by God with true friends. The Hamsnthal's are coming for a visit, not just mom and dad, but their boys too. We have shared the joys of having children vicariously through our friends and I must say that WE  (Ha Ha ) have raised some fine young men. This will be their (boys) first trip here and we are looking forward to sharing this part of our life with them.

We added two chairs and a leaf to our dinning table to accommodate
our guests. Sharing meals together is a great pleasure for me, since
I love to cook and it's a time to for all of us to share our hopes
and dreams...

Over the years, we have taken many vacations together and have literally traveled through a hurricane together. What a blast ! We have become an intricate part of each other's lives for many years and many more to come. I pray for safe travels and adventures for all...

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