Saturday, July 14, 2012

Finally, The Sabbath...

Praise God for a day off ! We have been so busy cleaning, repairing, building and organizing that I have only had time to put a few thoughts down and take a picture here and there.
The monsoonal rains have begun to fall and cool things off a bit. Thank God! I know that it has not been as hot as some parts of the country, but when your not used to it your just not used to it. The rains have also helped to get all these fires under control. I read over the next few days there will be a cooling off period for much of the country.

Hopefully the grass will begin to grow and seed instead of just crunch and burn. Last year we had beautiful rains that helped produce lovely grass throughout this area. The free range cattle thrived on the nutrient rich grasses.

Number One took this one of the storm rolling in...

The chicken's are growing and venturing out of their yard. They need to stay out longer and forage more, so they eat less store bought feed. I'm having a terrible time telling if some are roosters or hens. I have at least four roosters and I'm thinking seven, but I will just have to wait and see. I keep promising pictures, but have not picked up batteries yet. I need to make the dreaded trip to Wmart, but don't really want to. My cell camera just isn't that great.

Temporary coop... Number One snapped this one while I was
feeding my babies.

We have had to fire up the generator the last few days because of the lack of sun in the afternoons. Our carbon monoxide detector actually went off yesterday. The fumes must have gone around the house and into an open window. It was strange since most of the windows were open except the side of the house the generator was on and the window was closed in the room that the detector was in.

Thursday: I got nothing...


We finished the organizing part of the house today. We still have some repairs to do, touch up paint etc... Number One and I worked on the permanent coop. The coyote's were out in full force last night. Hopefully, we will finish it the early part of next week.

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