Saturday, August 25, 2012


This summer has been so busy for us and for you too I'm sure. We have been doing a lot of projects at the ranch. We have finally put the first coat of paint on the coop a couple of days ago. One more coat of paint, putting the roosts in, putting it in place so the wind doesn't turn it into a deadly weapon this winter and we should be done. It's starting to cool down quite a bit at night, so I'm certain that the walking poop machines will appreciate our efforts. They have out grown their temporary coop, so they roost on top of it.

We have a big "to do" list to finish up before winter sets in this year. Plus we have to work at the business that the government gave us. I just loved that statement. All the hard work starting a business was apparently not necessary. Our government was just handing them out for free. I am amazed at the thoughtless words that come out of politician's mouths these days.

One more week and the tourist season will be over with. The camper's will be stowed away for winter and only a few brave fisherman will be on the roads this winter. Oh, I forgot the hunter's will be out in force next month. I sure hope the one's we ran across last year have the decency to hunt on their own property or on public lands instead of our back yard. There are always a few bad eggs in the basket who will ruin it for everyone else. Most hunter gather types have  respect for the safety of other's. Shame on the one's who don't. I will have to just tune the radio to Bach or one of the other great composers and let it blast away on the front porch to entertain the misfortunate so called hunter's who dare to trespass on the property of other's. Maybe they will enjoy "Music Appreciation Day" at the ranch.

Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven

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