Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So Long Dear Friends, Until We Meet Again...

I think that this is how they felt
on the way home. The car was packed.
Well, it was a sad day for us on Saturday. The Hamsnthal's fled (I mean left) our humble abode on their 17 hour journey home. They were blessed with safe passage, praise God!

The "Flat Jack's" (the boys nick named themselves when they were little) had a good time. They climbed mountain's, kayaked rivers, got caught in a storm that we momentarily lost them in, rocked climbed, zip lined, rubber banded themselves over a gorge and had many other adventures.

We, the adults, had a good time playing too. The time flew by. You would think that after seven days most people would be ready for their guests to leave, but not us. The Hamsnthal's left us wanting more fellowship and high adventure here in the Rockie's. Soon it will be time for hunting season in the South and we will meet again. Thanks for the memories.

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