Monday, September 17, 2012

Full Steam Ahead...

Where do the days go? It has been a very busy time in our lives lately. Everyone that I have talked to has felt the same way. I started a new bible study this morning with the ladies from church and they all have been experiencing the same busyness.

We had our first snow on the peaks today. We turned on the heater for a while this morning. The aspens have begun to turn gold. I have had to break ice on the chicken's water at least twice in the last two weeks. A welcome sign of fall. The heat of the summer has fled away fast this year.

I'm sorry for the delays in posting. I may have writer's block or life just got in the way. Either way I apologize. The chickens have grown and I am hoping for our first egg soon. The seven( yes seven) roosters have become less meal like and more pet like to me. Anybody need a rooster? I lost one of my keepers. He just died. He grew really fast and maybe his heart couldn't keep up the pace. He had the body of a turkey. I don't know, these things just happen.

We are going to have some work done on our water line soon to prevent it from freezing this year. The plumber was out this morning to discuss the job. He is a friend of ours and will do a good job. We do not have the equipment to do the job ourselves without doing backbreaking work. The water line is deep in the ground, too deep to do the work with a shovel. Number One will help do some of the work to save money.

I cooked my first pot of homemade soup to celebrate the new season that is upon us for dinner tonight. I had some left over grilled chicken in the freezer, so I made chicken vegetable with homemade peppered egg noodles. The noodles thickened up the broth which made a hearty soup. Number One baked some brownies that were delicious.

I found my bread pans in Utah last week. I'm still in the market for some cast iron ones that are made in the great USA. I found some online at Bass Pro Shop. They are heavy, so shipping is unreasonable. I hope to come across a store to purchase them in during our travels. I may just have to breakdown and pay more for shipping than the cost of the pans. I am a patient person most of the time.

My camera batteries lasted about two weeks. I didn't even use it very much. You'd think for twenty bucks they would have been good batteries. Just a bad batch I guess. Back to Wally World for me I guess. I've been buying chicken feed in Kansas when we travel through there. Wow, get ready for some higher prices. Chicken feed went up $3 to $4 a bag here. What will a box of cereal cost in the future? Diesel was $4.37 to $4.57 a gallon on our last trip. Ouch!

Hold on tight, this could be a bumpy ride. Just remember that there is always someone in need in good or bad times...

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