Friday, August 16, 2013

Chickie Birds

We have eight new editions to the ranch. Chickie birds are everywhere. They all hatched on July 3rd. I opened the coop to find fuzz balls running all around. I was so excited. Two of our hens had nests full of eggs. They did not choose the best possible nesting areas, therefore, only eight of the thirty eggs hatched. I know better now and will try remove extra eggs from the nests next time. The eggs on the bottom did not get enough warmth and some of the eggs hatched, but were smashed and never stood a chance.

Number One gave them some scratch this morning, so I snapped a few pics. It was  impossible for me to get all eight in one picture since they move constantly. They are almost all feathered out now. They can regulate their own body temperature at this age, but still snuggle up with their mommies at night. They were out of the coop in three days, but could not get back in by themselves at night and needed a little help. They are a pleasure to watch.

Hen's have amazing parenting skills. The chicks start learning from the moment they are hatched. The hen's keep a watchful eye out for any dangers at all times. I have learned a lot about the language of chickens. They are actually great communicators. They call each other for dinner, warn each other about potential dangers, fuss, complain, they all rejoice together when eggs are laid and much much more. 

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