Friday, August 23, 2013

Refried Beans

I really do enjoy a good pot of beans, but beans are very versatile, so why stop there? Beans are easy to cook, but require a little more advance planning when cooking at high altitudes. I soak my beans for a few days and then cook them in my electric pressure cooker. The quick soak method does not work here and if you cooked them on the stove it could take days. The first time I cooked beans at this altitude I cooked them for three days and they were still a little hard. I finally gave up.

I started with cold cooked beans.

Fried up some smokey ends and pieces.

Then I added cold beans to the hot fry pan with some bacon grease.  

Once thoroughly heated, I mashed the beans. I used my wooden
mallet for the task.
 As far as seasonings I used salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. You can use whatever seasonings you like. I'm serving these as a side dish with fajitas tonight for our Sabbath meal.

I always make extra beans for freezer to save energy and time. I mixed the extra bacon fat into the extra beans
for added flavor.


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