Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government Shutdown?

I hopped on the computer today to check the weather and saw this notice that informed me that this site was unavailable due to the government shutdown, however, in the same notice it also informed me that it would still be maintained. This seemed a little strange to me and thought that I would share it with you.



Government Shutdown Notice

Due to the Federal Government shutdown, and most associated web sites are unavailable. However, because the information this site provides is necessary to protect life and property, it will be updated and maintained during the Federal Government shutdown.

On my way home from town this afternoon I noticed that that there were numerous vehicles parked on the road near a rest area. I thought that there must have been an accident or something, but as I passed by I realized that the entrances were closed by gates. This did not stop the occupants from getting out of their cars to walk on the trails and take pictures of the beautiful views. This area is a gateway to a national park that the main highway winds through. There is a little Ranger's station that sells books, hands out maps and promotes attractions. They do not have flushable toilets or water for sinks. Now I can see keeping the store closed, but why everything else? It is always open 24 hours even when the Ranger's station is closed. This also seemed a little strange to me.

Then I read that 83% of the government is still functioning and the employee's that are furlowed are going to get paid. This is confusing. No work is getting done. What exactly is the point of this shutdown? They are still spending the money. The only people that are suffering are "We The People". Is this their desired effect? I do not want one soul to be out of work or out of a paycheck. I would like our government to be fiscally responsible. I am appalled by the treatment of our Veteran's at WWII War Memorial. I pray that the solution will "truly" be what is best for us and not what they deem is best for us.     

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