Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home!


           It's so nice to come home after a trip. It makes me so grateful and feel so blessed when we walk in the door. We actually start praising God for the blessed trip before we ever see our promised land. Our home is a sanctuary to us from the world out there. We may have to live in the world, but we choose what we let inside our homes and in our hearts.
           We leave the bad stuff outside farther than our eyes can see. Just keeping it outside the door is not far enough for me. I want to go outside and look at the beautiful creation God has given to us without being overcome by the presence of the world and all it's complications. It's not welcome in to destroy our peaceful home.
           I have to be reminded sometimes to not let the troubles of this world overcome me. It's not always an easy thing to do, but focusing on the promises of our faithful Savior brings me back into the reality of His kingdom. Just remember that fear is a disease that will spread throughout your body in the form of an illness. Overcome your fears and you will be a healthier and happier servant to God and those around you......

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