Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Will Sixty Bucks Get You On The Road?

               There has been an increase in hotel fees this year compared to last year. I guess with the higher cost of utilities and the higher cost of supplies they had to pass it down to their patrons.
              We had a problem this time out with a name brand hotel charging a refundable pet deposit to our credit card and then not wanting to refund it for fifteen days. They even checked the room for damage before we left. We called our credit card company and they credited it back to us.
               There must have been some bad pet owners who let their pets do some serious damage, because some places wanted thirty plus bucks for a non-refundable per pet deposit. That's almost more than the room. Just wanted to shout out to those people who shouldn't be pet owners,  GOOD JOB!
               Not all places are run down and in need of a face lifts. We also keep our camping supplies with us in case we run into a place that is not fit to stay in. We can cook our food, watch movies and are very comfortable when we camp. I prefer camping and I enjoy it. We get more exercise and the dogs are happier too.
               We also visited an area that caters to hunters. Nice older places, but well maintained and updated. Reasonably priced places that we would be happy to stay in again. We travel sometimes where there are no big named hotels. Mom and pop places rule out here in the wilds beyond the interstates.                           

I keep the dogs on the bed while I check for dropped meds.
( I do this at every place we stay.)

Over the bed lighting

Thirty year old carpet?

Nice flat screen


Shiny and clean, that's what matters to me.


Same money, really?

Nice little computer/ breakfast area

Large older suite, but very well taken care of

Comfortable place to be

We'll keep the light on.
(forty two bucks, no frills, friendly staff)

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