Friday, November 18, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

Getting ready to go to work involves preparing food, packing(for us and the dogs) and making sure the house is ready to be left alone. Number One is the lifter and toter( as he calls himself). We are traveling sales people. We sell our wares on the road. We also sell unusual items that we find  good deals on at flea markets and yard sales on eBay.

Cooking at home saves an enormous amount of money and is more nutritious than eating fast food or the more expensive sit down  food. On the menu this week we will have red beans and rice, hamburgers, hopin' John's, sausage bagels, oatmeal,  grilled pork sandwiches, baked potatoes with the works, green beans, corn, sliced mango and apples. I'm a pretty happy camper as long as I have hot food and good tea. Number One could live off sandwiches and chips.(my least favorite foods)

I also like my home clean and organized when I leave, so when I get back home I can put things away, start laundry and get down to living. Actually, I like my home clean all the time. I usually cook three squares a day (most days)and  make my own bread. It seems like I do dishes all day long. I love to cook and I am the dish washer. I don' mind, I love giving time to my little family and home.

I am a home body, but I need to be with my husband. We have worked together for years and are rarely separated. In February we will be married 25 years. God has blessed us both with the perfect mate. Praise God!
                                                 Warning, Don't Leave Home Without!

A must Have !
(if you forget , just remember it's in your heart)

Don't leave home without them!

Tea, oh my!

Back-up, oh my!
Water Bottles With Built In Filters( saves money)

Know What's Going On In Your Surroundings!

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