Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wind, Breakfast and a Basket

The wind roared and roared last night and is still roaring this morning. I really cannot capture the wind and do it justice with a camera. The grass makes it's own music that the sandy dirt dances to it. The moisture stayed to the north of us, so we didn't even get a flake of snow. Don't worry, we will get our fair share this year.
Even the shelter of the house cannot stop the wind

The wind affects even the shortest grass

Dirt gets blown around
Dirt gets in everything

I decide to make a simple breakfast this morning of succotash and homemade tortillas. We eat a lot of potatoes throughout the year. This year they are around $1 or more a pound. This price has to be some kind of record. That's a lot of money considering not so long ago that's what you could get hamburger for by the pound.

When we travel and when we are at home we look for stores that have potatoes or others items as low cost leaders. That's how stores get you in the door by selling items at or around cost in hopes that you will purchase all of your groceries there. The last store where we bought potatoes had a limit of two five pound bags per person. That's not much, since we usually buy fifty pounds at a time. We ended up with twenty pounds for .29 cents a pound.
We used to only shop at the big box stores, but that's not where the best prices are anymore. We still buy staples like flour and sugar at the box stores, but we look first to local stores for sale items. If stores are out of the sale items be sure and ask for a rain check. Remember, the rain checks expire. (Thirty to ninety days) This could work out for your benefit if you wanted to buy more, but did not have the funds at that moment.

The dogs look for warmth in the winter. They will follow the sun around the house as it comes through the windows to bask in it's warmth. If the sun is not out or up they will find a bed or basket with blankets to warm up in. We keep our heater set around sixty degrees to save on propane. We are looking into wood heat  to save money too. The heat rarely comes on during the day, because the sun is powerful and warms the house. It also provides 99% of our power. (That's for another post)

Hiho in a basket

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