Monday, November 14, 2011

Where do all the lost gloves go?

Usually it's missing socks that get the headlines, but I loose more gloves than socks. I started preparing for the winter season by changing out our summer clothes for our winter ones. This involves cleaning out drawers, closets and shoes boxes. I carefully lay out the sets matching them to coats or sweaters that we will wear to protect ourselves from the biting wind this winter. I do the same in the summer, but in reverse. I also take care to put every item up in it's proper place, so I can find everything with ease. It also saves space and that means a lot when you live in a small home.
Last year I lost one of my favorite mittens. I found it this year, but lost a glove. Will I find it next year and loose another one? The glove I lost was out of my set  that matched the ski coat I bought this summer at a Columbia outlet for $5 bucks. This reminds me of a childhood rhyme that I love.

Three little kittens they lost their mittens, and they began to cry,
"Oh mother dear, we sadly fear that we have lost our mittens."
"What! Lost your mittens, you naughty kittens!
Then you shall have no pie."
"Meeow, meeow, meeow, now we shall have no pie."
The three little kittens they found their mittens,
And they began to cry,
"Oh mother dear, see here, see here
For we have found our mittens."
"Put on your mittens, you silly kittens
And you shall have some pie"
"Meeow, meeow, meeow,
Now let us have some pie."
The three little kittens put on their mittens
And soon ate up the pie,
"Oh mother dear, we greatly fear
That we have soiled our mittens."
"What! soiled you mittens, you naughty kittens!"
Then they began to cry, "Meeow, meeow, meeow"
Then they began to sigh.
The three little kittens they washed their mittens
And hung them out to dry,
"Oh mother dear, do you not hear
That we have washed our mittens."
"What! washed your mittens, you are good kittens."
But I smell a rat close by,
"Meeow, meeow, meeow" we smell a rat close by...

Set with lost glove

My dear dad and mom sent us lots of gloves, hats, tights and clothes last year. What a blessing they have been! It was like Christmas every other month or so. We are stocked up on warm clothes now. Thanks to Dad and Mom!

This is just a small sample of the hats, gloves ect...

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