Saturday, December 24, 2011

17 Ways To Use Potatoes

Merry Christmas Eve! My Grandma Ruby called me last night and she inspired "17 Ways To Use Potatoes." Grandma and I were talking about the state of the world and the cost of potatoes when she announced that her friend bought 50 lbs of Irish potatoes for $10 bucks. She informed me that she came up with 17 uses for potatoes and she was sure that there was more, so here goes.....

1. Mashed Potatoes  (I made them yesterday with steamed potatoes and garlic)
2. Potato Soup
3. Hash Browns (We just had these for breakfast with homemade bread and gravy)
4. Add to soups, stews and pot roasts
5. Au gratin
6. Scalloped
7. Fried
8. Baked
9. Boiled with butter
10. Potato Pancakes
11. Potato Chips
12. Fries
13. Twice Baked
14. Potato Salad
15. Pierogi
16. Baked Potato Casserole
17. Tatar Tots

Number One came up with most of these. He enjoys potatoes as much as I do. Although, I'm not a big chip fan like he is. I'm sure that there are more ways to prepare potatoes, I just can't seem to come up with them. Grandma and I were discussing how more people should learn to cook from scratch and save money instead of buying expensive boxed items. My Grandma grew up during the Depression on a farm. They never did without food, only material items were scarce due to lack of funds. They lived through the Depression because they could feed themselves. They could sell or barter their extra food to meet their other needs.

When I got up this morning it was -17*. It was very chilly. I took some pictures the last couple of days of the beautiful winter scenes that God has blessed us with.....

Our Neighbor was laying in the middle of some
 frozen grass with her frozen nose. This was a serious frost
that we recieved last night.

This ice formed on the inside of our north facing window.

The window is frozen shut.

I raise the blind every morning to melt the ice, so the water will drain out.

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