Thursday, December 29, 2011

Death Of The Sneetchy


My Dad and Mom send toys for the dogs when the send us care packages. The dogs are just as excited as we are when the packages arrive. They try to help us unpack by grabbing whatever fuzzies are on top. I have to put up my fuzzy house shoes that they sent me because Hiho thinks that they are hers. Every once in a while she will go and get one out of the closet or she will get one of my snow caps out to play her rendition of "keep away" with me..

Hiho takes better care of her babies. She is a nurturer whereas Abby is a killer. It's hard to believe, but Abby can catch a bird in mid air. She stands only a few inches off the ground, but she can propel herself  through the air. Hiho is not as athletic and moves a lot slower than Abby. Hiho has personality all the time while Abby saves her personality for her bursts of schizophrenia. They are both better "mousers" than any cat I've seen. They are persistant and it pays off...

This Sneetch is their favorite toy by far. It has suffered some injuries. It is as big as they are and they like to play "tug of war" with it, so it has to be repaired soon. I kept the arm, so I could sew it back together. It looks like it has a blown out knee too. I guess it is time to call the doc (me) to put the Sneetchy back together again.....

Help me!!!!

Abby guarding her captive.

Abby is a serious killer hunter type.

Did it move?

Is it dead yet?

Nope, still moving!

Is it over yet?

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