Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

My grandma taught me that if I did not waste, I would not do without. I remember this lesson, one of many,  when I was helping her make Christmas cookies one year. I was probably 19 years old or so when I watched her scrape the dusting flour back into the flour jar when we finished rolling out the cookie dough. This concept seemed so foreign to me. Why on earth was she putting that " used flour " back into the flour jar, I asked myself. After coming up with no answer, I asked her the same question. This was the first time I had ever heard the saying "waste not, want not". It has stuck with me every since.....

What happened that day over the cookie dough changed the way I perceived things. I now look for ways to save on everything. Saving usually equates to saving money. If I bake, I will fill my oven to get the most out of the energy it takes to use it. Today, I baked a batch of cookies from dough that I had frozen in balls while making a previous batch, baked sausage balls (sausage on sale) that I had also frozen and I made croutons from last weeks leftover homemade bread that I have kept in the refrigerator for just such an occasion.
 Baking these items did not require me to preheat the oven, this also saved energy(solar) and propane. I also turned the oven off for the last few minutes. The oven was hot enough to finish baking everything. Then I opened the door to the oven to let the heat escape to warm my home. It takes 20 minutes or so for the oven to stop giving off heat once turned off.
 Everything I baked was purchased on sale or at the best possible price. The propane was purchased in bulk during the summer when prices are low. Number One negotiates the best price by shopping around. We also only pay $1 per year for tank rental (saves $119). If you have these things working for you and you are not afraid to have a new company service you (existing company knows it) they will negotiate! Every time you have your tank filled you are charged a $55 government transit toxic crap fee. Get the biggest tank (1000 gal), only have it filled once a year and negotiate. This is a great way to save. Last year we saved 80 gallons of propane from the year before by turning the heat down a few degrees, insulating better, changing to a digital control and being conservative.
These are just a few ways to improve your lifestyle by keeping more of your money in your pocket for the things that really count. Look around and find your own ways to save and be conservative. It's a fun challenge that will make a difference for you, your family and others.

Just remember that the Lord provided these things for you in abundance and He wants you to share.......

Frozen oatmeal cookie balls

Frozen sausage balls

Full oven

All done

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