Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homemade Dog Treats

Buying dog treats can be an expensive and they are not always good for your pet. I paid $3.99 for 5.8 oz of sweet potato fries the other day. I don't normally buy pet treats, but they had to go to the vet and I felt sorry for them. Then the light bulb went off, I could dehydrate my own sweet potatoes and save money.  I don't even own a dehydrator, but we live in a very arid climate and the house came with a new never been used screen that does not fit any of the windows. It was easy and it worked out great. The dogs love them...... 

Peel sweet potatoes.

Slice into fun shapes.

Wash screen thoroughly. Place potatoes on the screen and make sure that
 there is plenty of space in between for good air flow.

I dehydrated my potatoes in the car. I wouldn't do this with stinky stuff.
Make sure the car is facing south to get the best sun.
 Place the screen in the car where it will get the most sun and good air flow.
 Place newspaper underneath in case they drip.

It was cold outside, so I brought the sweet potatoes in at night
 and put them on top of the refrigerator. Dry until chewy and pliable.
This took about three days with 101* temps in the car.

I also make dog soup. I freeze good healthy leftover vegetables and meat in a container. When it's full I thaw it, add a grain like oats and cook into a hearty soup. I usually only do this in the winter. I give them about 1/4 cup in the morning. It's healthier and cheaper to make than buying dog treats. Remember, it's more expensive to deal with health problems later than it is to buy a good quality dog food now. Don't skimp on the important stuff. Both of our dogs had bad teeth when we got them.....

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