Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Water Pipe, Busted!

 We were having a normal quiet evening at home when a "swoosh" came over our ears. A pipe, that should not have water to it, busted. No, it didn't freeze. It, as far as we can tell, busted at a joint. It's a copper pipe. The house was plumbed in copper, then plumbed again in freeze resistant stuff. We didn't even think the copper pipe was hooked up. Boy were we wrong.....

All of the water to our house is turned off. It's a terrible time for this to happen since it was -13 when I got up this morning. I guess anytime is a terrible time for this to happen. Number one has never "sweated a joint,"(plumber lingo?) so our plumber friend will be here in a little while.....

I've been meaning to organize under my sink and now I have!

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