Thursday, December 1, 2011

Saving Europe? Save Us!

I do not understand this mentality that we can do anything we want because we are the United States. Our debt is right behind Europe's debt with no end in sight. They say we were there in 2008. I say we are still there. Nothing has changed except that there are more Americans suffering and more debt.

Where did they get the money to loan to Europe? They printed it. If Europe's money is worthless because there is nothing backing it except debt, then what is the printed money we loaned them worth? That's right, nothing! How can nothing rescue nothing? It can't. What is going to happen? We are not playing Monopoly or maybe we are. Is the money fake because there is nothing but debt backing it?

Who is going to rescue us? Are we too big to fail? Our super committee failed to do anything to reduce our debt and I don't see anyone moving toward this goal anymore. Are they just going to forget about it like it doesn't exist? We cannot continue this free fall into this debt abyss. We can fail. History has proved this time and time again. "Big" can fail too......

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