Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 Days In Utopia

We just returned from our extended trip(due to the flu) from our home nestled in the Ozark Mountains. It is a beautiful place in the world. Spring is already well advanced. The trees and flowers are blooming, the grass is green and it rained non-stop for five days. This time last year flood waters had overcome the creeks and rivers. The predicted 15 inches never materialized, so no widespread damage. Praise God!

Our little flu turned into a fever driven bug that left us crawling in and out of bed too weak to do much else. Towards the end and in between fevers, we were able to visit a Red Box and rent some movies. We did this by the cloak of night, so we would not infect the innocent. Not only was this our first adventure with a Red Box, (great invention for those who live in town) we also chose an awesome move called " 7 Days In Utopia". I had seen a preview for it before we chopped off the head of our satellite to spend more time enjoying our lives instead of watching a sick version of it on the "boob tube". (my dad's term of endearment for the TV).

Seven Days in Utopia [DVD]

Author David L. Cook's best-selling novel Golf's Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia comes to the big screen in this inspirational sports drama starring Lucas Black and Robert Duvall. Luke Chisolm (Black) has the drive to become a professional golfer. Just when he's on the verge of going pro, however, he buckles under the pressure. In the aftermath of that crushing disappointment, Luke vanishes from the spotlight, uncertain if he'll ever return to the game again. Luke is driving through Texas when he crashes his car in the town of Utopia, and strikes up a friendship with Johnny Crawford (Duvall), a rancher who knows more about the game of golf than the troubled young visitor realizes. Now, the more time Luke spends with Johnny, the more he begins to see life from a new perspective -- a perspective that will not only help Luke to make sense of where he's been in life, but where he's headed as well. Oscar winner Melissa Leo and True Blood's Deborah Ann Woll co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

There is way more to this movie than meets the eye. Be sure and go to the website at the end of the movie. I recommend this movie to everyone....

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