Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Back With More Ramblings From The West....

I am happy to report that my back has been healed.I hope to spend more time blogging. During my sabbatical, I have not been able to do much of anything, so I have put on a few pounds. Luckily, the weather has been nice enough to start walking again.

I am very sore from my vigorous walks/jogs. I'm having a time negotiating the stairs. Going up is fine, but coming down is a different story. I know it will take time to get my grove back.

We did some traveling last week in Kansas and it has "greened up" early this year. The crops are what I call  "new green." You know, that beautiful green that we all look forward to that signals the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring? The fields are not dusty or tired looking from the wind constantly blowing in the Spring. There is actually a sign in Kansas that reads, "One Kansas farmer feeds 120 people." Now, that's impressive. Thank you Kansas farmers for all your hard work.

We also met up with some friends of ours from our old stomping grounds this past weekend. We were blessed to have the chance to celebrate our friend Lea Lea's birthday. I can't help but think how grateful I am that her parents chose life. How many best friends have been lost by the act of abortion. It doesn't just stop one heart from beating. It prevents generations from ever existing. Has the cure for cancer or the cure for other terrible diseases been wiped out also? How much has truly been lost? It is not a victimless act. There are many victims in this "cure" for pregnancies.

We managed to catch a bug that renders us useless and we shared it with our friends while they were here. What a birthday present.  Number One caught it first. I kept thinking that I wouldn't get it since it skipped me and jumped on Budreaux( Lea Lea's husband), but the fever hit me this afternoon. I pray that is skips Lea Lea and that Budreaux has a speedy recovery. Sorry guys!

I picked up a new book for $4.12. Wow! It's called "Arguing With Idiots" by Glen Beck. From what I've read, I would recomend it for the comedy alone. I read a few highlights about home his own home ownership debacles and proceeded to roll with laughter. I realized that we all have those types of stories that seemed serious then, but laughable now. Just closing on a house makes my blood pressure skyrocket and then you get to find out what wasn't disclosed about the property or seen by the professional that you hired to make sure your  new house was a sound investment. The book also has a serious side that talks about the true cost of "big government" to our freedoms.

We finally had our satellite turned off. We have been convicted to take the trash out of our home. We actually suspended it for 6 months. It costs $2.50 and we still get the Christian channels, Inspiration channel, hunting/fishing and all the shopping networks you could ever watch in a lifetime. We had stopped watching TV on the Sabbath altogether and realized what we were missing, each other's company. Getting lost in technology can be harmful to relationships and can alter your mood. You know, when you yell at the TV comentator to get a life or worse. Unhealthy to say the least.  Now we read more, play games, talk and work harder. Lot's of benefits.

I would like to thank everyone for sticking with my blog during my recovery. I know that I am disappointed when the blogs that I follow do not have a new post for me to read. I also understand that life happens all the time that can prevent us from doing the things that we enjoy. Thanks, again and God bless.....

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