Saturday, May 26, 2012

Back Home, Again...

It is so awesome to come home after a long trip. It's hard to be gone for 7 days straight. I miss my own food, my own bed and my own stuff.  I really get sick of sandwiches, actually, I don't eat them unless I absolutely have to. I'd rather do without. I don't like eating out either. It's unhealthy and makes you fat. I carry as much homemade food as possible, but on a long trip we run out and have to resort to eating sandwiches or eating out.

I am grateful to God for our work and I'm grateful for my time at home. I'm seeking a balance between the two. There has to be one...

Jack decided to sleep under the solar panels today. His normal
home, under a trailer, must be getting a lot of wind.

We had to go to town this morning to get water, some green stuff to eat (salad) and
42 lbs of split chicken breast that we picked up for .76 lb. My freezer is full, so my yard birds are safe until we use up what we just purchased. We had to get a rain check a couple of weeks ago for the chicken and since we were out of town they were kind enough to extend the date. They have done this for us on several occasions. It's always a pleasure to do business where the customer is valued.

While we were out we stopped at one of our favorite places to buy used items and found this wonderful hand grater with three different cones for grating and slicing. This grater is by far the easiest and fastest that we own. ( I have several) Clean up is a breeze. Don't get me wrong, I love my Kitchen Aid, but for small projects this is the way to go.

Sorry, it's a little blurry.

This had 6 other cones that were with the grater, but they actually go to a Kitchen Aid, so now I have additional cones to use with my Kitchen Aid. Number One picked up a tin cup with a handle to use in my flour bins. I'm always leaving my measuring cups in the flour bins and then I can't find them when I need them.

We used the grater this morning to make hash browns. I always dreaded making them with the triangle grater because it takes so long to grate the potatoes and it's a knuckle buster. They were delicious and Number One was happy. I like that...

I made some coleslaw with it this afternoon...
It turned out wonderful...

Fresh and raw vegetables is just what I needed. I made a
big green salad too.

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