Saturday, May 26, 2012

Smoke, Smoke !!!

I woke up this morning a looked outside to find we have been inundated with smoke. Well, where there is smoke there is usually a fire. We immediately start trying to find out where all this smoke is coming from. It turns out it is from an 82,000 acre fire in New Mexico. I just knew it had to be close since it was so dense, but I was wrong. Praise God!

We have been traveling and just got back home yesterday, so I have no idea about this fire, but I'm sure it has done some damage. Please pray for the safety of the people who are in it's path.

The Rockies have disappeared in the smoke...

This was my first view this morning. I thought it was fog, but I knew that it was too
warm for fog. Then I got a wiff of the air outside.

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