Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yard Bird Association Update

The chicks have arrived! They were picked up by a member of the Yard Bird Association from the feed store, all 100. Sadly, only 99 lived through the shipping process.

I went to visit my 25 chicks yesterday, since I won't actually take custody for five more weeks. They were all locked up securely in a stall in the barn with all sorts of protection measures all around them, including two large cats. I didn't dare try to open the cocoon up for fear that the cats would loose all self control and leap into the stall killing as many as possible.

I could hear their loud little chirps outside the barn as I walked up. I'm sure this was driving the killer cats mad which was driving the crazed border collie to do circles outside the barn as she hoped that one of the cats would appear, so she could give chase. What a scene. If they made movies about phsyco ranch animals instead of vampires this definetely would have been a " two thumbs up" kind of flick.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take any pictures. I was barely able to peer through a small gap in the fencing to see our new additions to the ranch. I am so excited. Number One, not so much. He is still trying to figure out what type of coop to build. Tick tock, tick tock, the clock is running out.

I did come up with some new ideas last night whle trying to fall asleep. I will share my new ideas with Number One in hopes of relieving his stress and getting my coop built.
The next animals to add to the ranch...Goats ???

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