Monday, June 18, 2012

More Potatoes...

I am down to the last of our large haul of potatoes. I cleaned out the bad ones to save the rest, so we are eating a lot of potatoes right now. We gave away a bunch, but we still lost a few.

I cooked this before we left with the hopes of posting while I was gone. Yea, right...
I'm sharing this with you now. I hope you enjoy it...

I love how the first ray of sun light in the morning captured my
raw ingredients.
This is just simple fried potatoes with Spam and onions. It's easy and makes a hearty breakfast that sticks to our ribs until we meet again for lunch...


It doesn't take a lot of oil in a well seasoned pan. Heat your oil
of choice on medium heat.

Cook on medium-low with the lid on flipping occasionally until desired

I had some leftover church rolls in the freezer. I put a damp
napkin on them and put them in the microwave to revive them.

Served the rolls with Fuji Apple Preserves and butter. It was the perfect
compliment to the smoked Spam and potatoes.

I'm hungry now...

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