Monday, June 18, 2012

Update: Fire

Good morning,

                  I just read the 4:30 am update and it does not look good. The fire has grown to 450 acres and has jumped the river. We cannot see the smoke this morning. It has settled on the front range due to the wind.
                  500 campers, mostly from the Boy scout camp, were evacuated out of the canyon yesterday. Two of our county roads have been evacuated and closed. There are numerous communities in two counties that have been evacuated.
                  We are safe and sound from this fire, however, many are in it's path. Please pray for their safety and the safety of the firefighters. The red cross has set up two shelters for people and the counties have set up large animal shelters at the fairgrounds. I'm sure that the Red Cross could use donations to help with the expenses.
                  Rumor has it that morons shooting at a propane tank sparked this beast. Police are investigating. We have to go to town today to take Hi Ho to the vet, so we should be able to get a better view and find out more details.
                  I hope that you all have a blessed day...


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