Monday, August 13, 2012

Odd Pix

The Chickens are getting big.

They want to hang out on the porch in the afternoon, but that means

My hens should start laying eggs soon.

These crawfish tails were from the last haul.

This is the claw meat.

All cleaned and ready to freeze. Each package weighs a
little over a pound. The street value is $13.99 a pound.

Our manly men forging the trail ahead of us girls

Besties, feeding the bear.

The closest thing to a bear we saw was this little ground squirrel.

Crystal clear water.

Blooming flowers in a nearby meadow.

Trail that wraps around the crawfish pond.

I love this picture. This is a cove that is off the trail a bit. You can hike
in and camp nearby.

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