Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things Are Cooling Off...

Yesterday was a wonderful cool cloudy day. I saw the thermometer reach 67* for about two seconds. I baked oat bread, heated up some frozen soup for lunch and enjoyed the cool blessing from God above. It's a little warmer today, but still enjoyable.

We also had the propane tank filled. We used 632 gallons the winter before last and only 452 gallons this past winter. Prior to that we used 730 gallons. That's a savings of 278 gallons in three years. We sealed up the leaky windows and the doors, use a more efficient heater and put in a digital thermostat. We also turned the heat down a couple of degrees. This has made a big difference in our heating costs. We hope to add a wood stove by this fall.

Number One negotiated a good price for the propane too. His negotiation skills are a great asset to us. Thanks Number One, You are a jewel in my crown in so many ways.
He's been putting together a water hauling trailer for us the last couple of days to reduce the wear and tear on the truck. He purchased some road sign trailers for the solar panels at an auction and the trailers were an added bonus. So far he has traded one for work on our solar system, made a deer stand condo out of another and now a water hauling trailer. We have two more left and I think one will be a small camper for us one day.

Back to work for me. I have paper work coming out of my ears this week. I hope to be caught up by week's end. I'm taking my time, so I don't burn out before it's complete.

 Have a blessed day!

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