Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Oh Boy! Number One convinced me to run to Bass Pro at 3 am this morning to pick up a couple of "Black Friday" specials. I have never participated in the Friday after Thanksgiving sales trap, because I always considered it nuts and I was right. First of all, it's 3 am. Second, it takes about an hour an a half to get to town. Third, it was five degrees when we left the house and last but not least, it may have been a six hour sale, but they do not have unlimited supplies for the six hour sale. With my trusty wake up tea in hand(Number One made for me) we headed out the door.

When we got there we must have been 300th in line. With our coats, hats and gloves in place we waited in the cold. Not too terribly long. At least I didn't have flip-flops on like the young lady in front of us did. It was at least twenty degrees warmer in the city. It was three degrees when we arrived back home at 7 am.

I lost sight of Number One immediately when he took a wrong turn for the gadget line. Pretty soon I caught a glimpse of him heading towards the back of the line. Within fifteen minutes all the gadgets were gone. We picked up our "one per person" gadget just in time and then they were out. It should be called the "10 Minute Sale". No rain checks ya' know. By the time we went through the entrance other dedicated shoppers were already checking out heading to their next conquest no doubt.

I splurged and bought myself two Lodge cast iron bread pans. Perhaps a deterrent for next years invitation? They were not on-sale. I have seen other pans, but they are not made in America like Lodge. I just cannot see a life time of potential poisoning from made in China type brands.

The media was there filming the event. I don't know if they had crews at every sales event or if they just picked Bass Pro for some reason. Donuts and instructions were handed out, including instructions on proper behavior. I would like to say that everyone seemed to be in good spirits including the sales staff.

We came home and Number One fell asleep in the chair. I made some hot tea, took the dogs out and watered the chickens. After yesterday's feast, this morning's shopping and just a few hours of sleep I'm ready for a day of relaxation with a good book and more tea by my side. I may have to switch to coffee, strong coffee...

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