Friday, December 13, 2013

Eagle Brand Memories

Some of my birthday treasures

I was surprised by my dear sister's in Christ with a quaint birthday celebration after our Bible study this week. Each of my sisters gave me a can or two of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk. I also received two spoons. Yes, I do mean the spoons that you eat with.

I had recently shared a memory with "K" about my grandmother and the idea was born. You see, "K" is a very thoughtful and creative person. We were texting back and forth when she brought up the topic of desserts and asked me what was my favorite. My list was long and full of the sweetest desserts there are. As I told "K" I'm only in it for the sugar. She laughed in disbelief when I told her Eagle Brand milk. Then I proceeded to share the story of my love of the sugary stuff.

My Grandmother was not a healthy woman. She often had issues keeping a healthy weight. She was tiny. She bore and raised thirteen children during her lifetime. I asked her once when I was young why she had so many children and she told me "that's how many names she had picked out". Made since to me at the time. I have wondered many times if that was her standard answer for anyone that asked her that question. My Grandmother's doctor suggested that she eat a can of Eagle Brand milk due to it's high calorie content to help her gain some weight. Grandmother would open a can up, retrieve two spoons from the drawer and sit down at the table. I would soon find my way to the kitchen. I would climb into the chair next to her where my spoon would be waiting for me and we would indulge in the thick rich substance until it was gone.

The two spoons represented my Grandmother and myself sitting together at the table and the Eagle brand is my treasured memory. The ladies and I also shared a coconut cream pie. It was on my list too. I imagine that they didn't want to indulge in Eagle Brand that early in the morning and perhaps not at all. What a wonderful day! What a wonderful memory! Thank you Grandma and thank you my dear sister's for the loving kindness that you have bestowed upon me.

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