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I Have Never Seen A Weather Forecast Like This Here!!!

I have been a witness to one flash flood here, but it was not in the forecast. We had a river running through our back 40. It was beautiful. The house was safe, but the road was impassable, so I had to jump a ditch through the neighbor's property and wind around to get home. We have massive drainage pipes and sandy dry creek beds to handle great amounts of runoff. I'm curious to see what a flood watch and heavy rains look like when they are in the forecast. A beautiful sunset over the peak of the chicken coop. Yesterday's double rainbow. The lightening was so bad that I couldn't chance taking the photos outside.  The thunder was well, thunderous.  The winding river... We have big skies out here to see storms brewing from miles away. I was thinking this morning about the power of lightening and then I thought to myself imagine the power of Yahweh... 54   Then to the crowds Yeshua said, “When you see a cloud-bank rising in the west, at once you say that a rainstorm is com

God's Big Screen - Shabbat Shalom

  The mornings are getting cooler... This morning's Sturgeon Super Moon. This is the last Super Moon of the year. Last Night's view of the Sturgeon Super Moon. The hummingbirds are up for the night. Super Moon rising... Isn't he grand? Number One's favorite breakfast. Homemade chicken strips with gravy. A breakfast for champions. Lol Company is coming... This time we had the gate closed... Everyone got some graham crackers. Momma and Pumpkin.  The package is empty... Precious Old Lady... Incoming... Wild Ride... Sun Oven Selfie... Puddles... Very close... Powerful... Double Rainbow... Time to get busy.. Shabbat Shalom, Mrs. Smith

Grilled Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches - Struggle Meals...

A grilled PB & J is a great inexpensive alternative to an expensive boxed breakfast cereal or Uncrustables. It is a fast homemade breakfast that can be prepped ahead of time and frozen until you are ready to cook them. They are delicious.  I'm sure that you have seen the ridiculous price of breakfast cereals and Uncrustables. Uncrustables are $8.36 a pound. Each one weighs only 2 ounces. How many does it take to fill up a child or an adult for that matter? Fruit Loops are $3.42 a pound.  I don't think I need to explain how to make them other than showing you pictures. Enjoy, Mrs. Smith